Campaign goal of $3,000,000 reached!

The Columbus Square Advisory Council was awarded a grant for professional design services from the Community Design Collaborative. After input from the Department of Parks and Recreation, a community task force and suggestions from neighbors, the below site plan has been proposed.

The Advisory Council is grateful to the Community Design Collaborative for the many hours of hard work that went into creating this design, and to the Department of Parks and Recreation for their guidance through out this process. Funding for renovation was secured in September 2015 to make these plans a reality.
Site Plan

Plan: Conceptual Design for Park Improvements

Park improvements include construction of passive seating area, walkways and permeable pavers, and rain garden; installation of required safety surfacing to existing play areas, spray feature, lighting and utilities; ADA access, landscaping, project sign and other related site improvements.

The focus of Columbus Square has long been on its two athletic fields, heavily used by adult and youth sports leagues from around the city. The growing community wanted more green space and room for recreational activities that were not “all about sports.”

A community task force was a key part of the preliminary design process. Representatives of the neighborhood together with public agencies established several priorities: add green space for passive recreation, slightly downsize the athletic fields, and make it possible “to walk through the park rather than around it.”

The resulting conceptual design reduces the athletic fields by 25% and demolishes an underutilized storage building, freeing up space for a new public entrance at 12th and Reed Streets, a new pathway system, an expanded dog park, and gathering places like the new community “lawn” along Reed Street and a “patio” along 13th Street. Park advocates are now working closely with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation to set priorities for implementing the proposed park improvements.

The conceptual design proposes a new entrance at 12th and Reed Streets, pathways that connect all corners of the park, and gathering places like a community “lawn” and “patio.”

VOLUNTEERS: Leah Rominger | Mathew Davis | Gabrielle Badawy | Shruti Malelo | Duffield Associates, Susan Schriner, P.E. | DB-3D, Daniel Brown | Bittenbender Construction, Joseph Bray | International Consultants, Inc., Michael Funk
OPINION OF PROBABLE COST: The project has five components (rec center area, dog park area, patio, athletic fields, and lawn) totaling $2.8 million.